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Influenza Virus: Methods and Protocols by Yohei Yamauchi

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Abstract Influenza, a serious illness of humans and domesticated animals, has been studied intensively for many years. It therefore provides an example of how much we can learn from detailed studies of an infectious disease and of how even the most intensive scientific research leaves further questions to answer. This introduction is written for researchers who have become interested in one of these unanswered questions, but who may not have previously worked on influenza.

Molecular and virological methods for the detection and characterisation of Newcastle disease

To investigate these questions, researchers must not only have a firm grasp of relevant methods and protocols; they must also be familiar with the basic details of our current understanding of influenza. This article therefore briefly covers the burden of disease that has driven influenza research, summarizes how our thinking about influenza has evolved over time, and sets out key features of influenza viruses by discussing how we classify them and what we understand of their replication.